Regular brushing and flossing are important daily tasks that help keep your teeth healthy. But regular visits to the dentist are also essential to prevent oral health issues. Ryan Zhuoran Zhao, DDS, PhD, and his team at Harmony Smile Dental in Sunnyvale, California, practice preventive dentistry to promote oral health and can help you keep your teeth disease-free. To learn more, call the office today at (408) 738-1000 or request an appointment online.

Preventive Dentistry Q & A

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry refers to a proactive approach to preventing dental disease. Taking good care of your teeth may help prevent dental issues such as:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss

Preventive dentistry should begin in childhood, but it’s never too late to start taking good care of your teeth. Dr. Zhao and his team practice preventive dentistry and use conservative, state-of-the-art procedures to help you maintain or restore oral health.

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning is the professional cleaning completed by the hygienist at Harmony Smile Dental. During the cleaning, your hygienist scrapes away the plaque and tartar along your gum line to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. The hygienist than polishes your teeth to remove remaining debris and stains.

The dental cleaning not only improves oral health but also gives you a whiter, brighter smile and freshens your breath.

Dr. Zhao determines how often you should come in for your professional dental cleanings. At a minimum, you should be coming in at least twice a year.

What can I expect during a full dental exam?

Your full dental exam at Harmony Smile Dental is a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. During your exam, Dr. Zhao looks at your teeth, gums, and mouth for signs of disease or decay.

He also conducts an X-ray during your full exam to take a closer look at your teeth. The X-ray can help Dr. Zhao find:

  • Decay in between your teeth
  • Tooth impactions
  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Tumors

During your full dental exam, Dr. Zhao also talks to you about your dental health needs and provides guidelines on how to maintain or improve oral health, and recommend procedures.

What can I do at home to maintain dental health?

Dr. Zhao is a preventive dental expert and provides individualized recommendations on how to maintain your oral health at home. However, it’s no secret that you should be brushing and flossing daily to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Eating a balanced diet is also important for good oral health, and limiting your in-between meals snacks.

Dental disease is preventable and Dr. Zhao and his team can help you keep your teeth healthy for life. Call Harmony Smile Dental today at (408) 738-1000 or book an appointment online.

Dr. Zhao

Dr. Zhao

Dr. Ryan Zhao, DDS, PhD, the dental specialist at Harmony Smile Dental in Sunnyvale, California, prioritizes preventive care to optimize oral health. With a foundation of trust, compassion, and expertise, Dr. Zhao dedicates quality time to each patient, restoring smiles through state-of-the-art procedures. Holding a DDS from the University of California, San Francisco, and a PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he remains at the forefront of dentistry as a member of professional organizations. Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese, Dr. Zhao's commitment to personalized care and continuous learning is reflected in his authoritative and trustworthy approach.