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At Harmony Smile Dental in Sunnyvale, California, we design smiles that are attractively balanced and harmonious. We do so in an equally pleasant way. Our patients from throughout the Silicon Valley area appreciate how friendly our team is and our inviting and relaxing surroundings.  

What is dental bonding? 

We may recommend the dental bonding procedure for those patients who have: 

  • Slightly chipped teeth 
  • Minor fractures or cracks to the teeth
  • Minor spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Wear and tear, which can make a tooth look overly short when compared to surrounding teeth 

Also, problems with the contours or shape of the teeth can be addressed by dental bonding. It should be noted here that bonding and its indirect counterpart, porcelain veneers, do not “treat” the imperfections stated above in the traditional or strictest sense. Instead, the dental material that is “bonded” or secured to the front surfaces of those “imperfect” teeth covers up or disguises chips, minor cracks, gaps, and other conditions that are characterized as “cosmetic.” This latter point is also essential; dental bonding and veneers are appropriate for candidates with aesthetic concerns regarding the appearance of their teeth. Since the teeth are central to the look of the smile and the smile is at the heart of the face, dental bonding can positively impact how we feel about the way we look. 

Patients with more severe examples of some of the conditions mentioned above, such as more extensive misalignment issues, can benefit from treatments like Invisalign® (a discreet and removable alternative to traditional orthodontic procedures and systems like metal “fixed” braces). Additionally, we may find that patients who think they have a cosmetic problem need restorative dental work; for instance, some types of discoloration are indicative of enamel erosion or tooth decay. In those instances, dental fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns are appropriate instead of cosmetic bonding. When placed in the mouth with healthy teeth and gums and to address truly cosmetic problems, those patients enjoy:

  • Dramatically improved looking smiles 
  • A conservative procedure that preserves tooth structure (no removal of natural enamel is required!)
  • A fast process – can be completed in one visit 
  • Utmost skill and precision as Dr. Zhao artfully applies the composite resin dental material and shapes it to blend in with the rest of your smile perfectly 
  • A comfortable, painless, stress-free experience (no sensitivity, no anesthetic as enamel remains unaltered)

Have you outgrown the “cuteness” of the gaps between your front teeth? Are chips or a poorly-shaped tooth all that you see looking back at you when you stare in the mirror? If so, dental bonding may be suitable for you. Call (408) 738-1000 to schedule your appointment today at Harmony Smile Dental.

Dr. Zhao

Dr. Zhao

Dr. Ryan Zhao, DDS, PhD, the dental specialist at Harmony Smile Dental in Sunnyvale, California, prioritizes preventive care to optimize oral health. With a foundation of trust, compassion, and expertise, Dr. Zhao dedicates quality time to each patient, restoring smiles through state-of-the-art procedures. Holding a DDS from the University of California, San Francisco, and a PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he remains at the forefront of dentistry as a member of professional organizations. Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese, Dr. Zhao's commitment to personalized care and continuous learning is reflected in his authoritative and trustworthy approach.